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The Climate Solution’s Park (CSP) is Canada’s sustainability champion of experiential learning that’s innovative, purposeful and inspirational.


Since its conception in 2019, the Climate Solutions Park (CSP) is the first CSP of its kind located in Toronto, Ontario.

Our CSP is being built in key physical locations and digitally to become an inspirational, interactive and innovative showcase to awaken hearts, minds and actions toward climate solutions.

• 10,000 Climate Solution Students
• 500 Climate Solution Partners
• 178 Climate Partnering Countries


The aim of the Climate Solutions Park (CSP 1) is to create an inspirational sustainable modular experiential learning facility which is people-oriented, solution-oriented and can be replicable in as many communities as possible around Canada and throughout the world.

For 2022-2023, we will also expand our CSP online educational asynchronous offerings with our existing international and local partners. Our online goal is to develop resources that can inform the development of practical workshops, partner with practitioners, and college/university courses focused on:

• The Earth Charter
• The UNSDGs
• Renewable energy
• Electric mobility
• Sustainable agriculture
• Permaculture
• Sustainable affordable housing
• First Nations Ancestral Knowledge


At the heart of our work lies our devotion and dedication for ecological prosperity, resiliency and intergenerational-cross cultural connectivity.

Together, we aim to rekindle and reintegrate connection with the land, and create opportunities to help problem-solve with a solution focused approach alongside communities everywhere.

We collectively co-create climate solutions through conservation and preservation, regenerative agriculture, permaculture and gardening; value-added food production and eco-gastronomy; sustainable building green construction; renewable energies; electric mobility; eco-tourism opportunities, Indigenous Knowledge; and environmental education, including arts-based learning.

Human activities directly cause the climate emergency, and that is why we must work together to stop it.

– Dr. Jose Etcheverry