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At the heart of our work lies our devotion and dedication for ecological prosperity, resiliency and intergenerational-cross cultural connectivity.


By building climate solutions parks, we create new spaces where local people can come together to implement solutions that improve their quality of life while helping eliminate the sources that fuel the climate emergency.

For example, by growing clean, local food, we help eliminate hunger at the community level; if we do that without burning fossil fuels, we can then create a knowledge base that can be readily applied to build local homes and other community-oriented solutions that are also essential to solve poverty.

Our climate solution parks are being built in key physical locations and as online communities to become an inspirational, interactive and innovative network working to awaken hearts, minds and actions toward climate solutions.

Meet the team

CSP leading team of innovative minds is proudly combines multi- skilled professionals who seek for tomorrow’s climate solutions.

CSP is seeking creative minds to join our climate solutions team of adventurists. To learn more about our training and programs or to apply for volunteer positions and research opportunities with CSP, please send a short email with your CV to:

• Environmental Justice
• Equity & Passion
• Altruism & Humility
• Compassion and Dedication
• Wisdom and care
• Honesty & Trust
• Accessibility & Inclusive Community Engagement

CEO, Founder

Dr. Jose Etcheverry

Jose Etcheverry is an associate professor in the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change at York University. He obtained a BA Hons in geography and environmental studies from York, an MA and PhD in geography and environmental studies from the University of Toronto and a PhD in geography from the University of Toronto.

As co-Chair of York’s Sustainable Energy Initiative (SEI), he is working on efforts to advance the Global Campaign for 100% Renewable Energy in key cities in Canada and internationally in collaboration with the best national and international partners. As director of the International Renewable Energy Academy (IREA), he focuses on research that helps advance practical training and experiential learning. His research focuses on climate change mitigation strategies, storage solutions for renewable energy, transportation and renewable energy, and sustainable energy development at York University. He is part of the Scientific Committee of the International Renewable Energy Storage Conference that is held every year in Germany. Since COVID started Dr. Etcheverry has been focused on developing outdoor protocols to teach work-integrated learning (WIL) focused on practical climate solutions. His WIL focus is informed by research that shows that contact with nature is essential for human health. To facilitate the development of new WIL opportunities, Dr. Etcheverry partners with local companies, political and private sector leaders and NGOs such as Windfall Ecology Centre and the Rural Urban Learning Association of Canada.

Jose was also appointed to the York University Board of Governors in 2019 and serves on the Investment and Land and Property Committees of the Board. He is also a member of the Senate of York University, and is the Director of the Climate Solutions Park.

CFO, Partner

Codrina Ibanescu

Codrina Ibanescu is an environmentalist, artist, and humanitarian. As President of The Rural Urban Learning Association and a research assistant at the Climate Solutions Park, she continues to inspire communities to integrate sustainable and community-engaged practices, principles, and methodologies. Codrina is a Master’s student in the faculty of Environment and Urban Change. She encourages others to adopt ethics, intergenerational justice, and biocentric welfare. Within the last few years, she published her first poetry book titled “Kaleidoscopic Soul” – a collection of mystical and exploratory poems aiming to ignite the spark of authenticity, courage, and soul we are all destined for.


Noel Livingston

An artist, farmer, environmentalist, health & wellness coach and food agro-processor. As one of the Co-founders of the Toronto Black Farmers and Growers Collective he has a passion for clean food. Whether growing or creating byproducts he sees the big picture in always extending his season in the pantry. He is a research member of the climate solutions park and also an executive member of the Rural Urban Learning Association.
Noel is a fantastic chef!


Jacqueline Dwyer

An environmentalist, farmer, and community food advocate. She is one of the Co-Founders of the Toronto Black Farmers and Growers Collective and Vice-President of the Rural Urban Learning Association, a researcher and partner with the Climate Solutions Park, a member of the Country Heritage Agricultural Society, Member of the Collective Group and President for Community Innovative Alliances. She continues to use good food as a nucleus in the community to dismantle inequality amongst food insecure and food poor community residents and the thirty three neighborhoods her works connect to in the GTA.. She is an alumni of the faculty of Environmental and Urban change. She makes space for others through a collective lens, continuously creating service/program for awareness, interaction and problem-solving. Throughout her nine years of Food System work she has garnered education, collaboration, partnership, knowledge, and integration experience. It has given her the opportunity to better help to plan and execute innovation for local food and community in a changed climate.


Mariyan Boychev

A passionate about the environment, equality, and solving the climate crisis. His interests include creating healthy, equitable, walkable, bicycle-friendly, sustainable and resilient zero-carbon communities, and climate change mitigation through sustainable urban planning. Mariyan is a York University Master in Environmental Studies Planning alumnus and the Climate Solutions Park Chief planner. Additionally, he is working to engage with community residents on environmental issues and inspire climate action as a leader. Mariyan believes that accessibility and sustainability should be at the core of policy for urban design and development.



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