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Since its conception in 2019, the Climate Solutions Park (CSP) is the first CSP of its kind located in Toronto, Ontario.


In 2019 we started building our first Climate Solutions Park (CSP).

Throughout 2022 we have focused on developing three new CSP locations in Canada using work-integrated learning approaches that harness local community partners from the private sector, academia, non-governmental organizations and leading politicians to ensure local benefits are tangible and worldwide replicability is feasible.

CPS: Downsview Park Toronto, ON

A historical site where planes have been built for decades, and that has evolved into a protected federal urban park where people can arrive by subway and public transportation to enjoy outdoor activities and soon learn about climate solutions.

CPS 1: Downsview Park Toronto, ON70 Canuck Avenue in Toronto’s Downsview Park

CPS: Ecology Garden Penetanguishene, ON

Located in one of the world’s most beautiful freshwater lakes, our Penetanguishene location is the perfect place to learn about how to implement renewable energy systems and how to grow clean food and native plants.

CPS 2: Ecology Garden Penetanguishene, ON144 Fox Street in Penetanguishene’s Ecology Garden